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About Games and Applications

The new organ application GL-ORG Lite, in this application you can have fun by playing music using the rhythm and instruments consisting of TR/Arabic sets with high sound quality, and those who want to learn organ can improve themselves with this application.

Simple Piano Pro is a simple and useful piano application, it feels like a real piano in your pocket thanks to its quality and HD sounds, it is a good choice for children, students and those who want to use it. Those who know the notes can do this very well, it does not require membership or any registration, you can use it immediately when you download it, and it is 100% free.

Simple Piano Pro PLUS, on the other hand, includes more sounds and features and is completely free, those who want more sounds and features can choose the PLUS version, although it has more features and sounds, it is completely free.

Black Arrow is a kind of strategy game (Arcade), has a simple gameplay style, touch the screen, drag and drop, this is a 2D arrow game and it has fun parts, use your mind to defeat enemies, some parts are like riddles and you may need to use the power of mathematics , or you may need to strain your luck.

reverse strip Traffic is very simple and free to play, designed more for kids and see how long you can last in a reverse traffic.

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Have Fun with GL-ORG Lite Quality Sounds, Rhythms and Instruments Made from TR/Arabic Sets.

Simple Piano Pro

Simple Piano Pro

Simple Piano Pro is a completely free piano application, using it you can play and learn piano. go to google play page for more information.

Simple Piano Pro PLUS

Simple Piano Pro PLUS

Simple Piano Pro PLUS has more features and more sounds and is completely free. For more information, you can check google play page.

Black Arrow

Black Arrow is a simple and fun game, use arrows to defeat enemies, use your ammo correctly and finish all levels. For more information, you can check the google play page.

Reverse Strip Traffic

Reverse Strip is very simple and more appealing to children, how enduring it is in reverse traffic. For more information, you can check google play page.